Dynamic Earth

  • Location/Format: Online
  • Presenter: Dynamic Earth
  • Suitable for All Ages

Caithness International Science Festival has welcomed Dynamic Earth at many festivals over the years and this year we are thrilled to be able to support the launch of their very first e-workshop. Have fun!

In October 2021, an exciting new space telescope will launch from Earth and begin its four week journey to a special spot four times further from the Earth than the Moon is. The telescope is called the James Webb Space Telescope, known as Webb, and in the videos and activities below you will find out more about what Webb is, how it works and what it is searching for. From Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh, supported by the UK Space Agency, we are proud to present Destination Space: Beyond the Visible Universe.

Activity 1 – What’s In Space Download Link

Activity 2 – Rocket Launch Download Link

Activity 3 – Mirror Challenge Download Link

We hope you enjoyed the videos and activities. For similar content, please visit our website: www.dynamicearthonline.co.uk

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