• Location/Format: Online
  • Presenter: TechFest
  • Suitable for All/P5-P7

TechFest have been a firm favourite at Caithness International Science Festival for a number of years and we are delighted to welcome them back for our digital festival this year!

Based in Aberdeen, TechFest is an innovative charity that Promotes STEM to all ages through their annual festival and outreach programmes, this year they have created three great workshops just for us, so dive in and have fun!

Wildlife Investigators

Growing tired of going on the same daily walk? Need to add in more excitement? Well, why not put on your investigators hat and find out how much biodiversity is just outside your door! Plus, take part in some fun DIY projects to make your outdoor area even more wildlife friendly!

Recommended Audience: All

Download TechFest’s Wildlife Investigators

DNA Detectives

Dive into the wonderful world of genetics! Learn about DNA, the marvellous molecule that contains the instructions for all life on earth! You can even try your hand at translating some DNA sequences to find the hidden meaning. Find out what your DNA says about you!

Recommended Audience: P5-P7

Download TechFest’s DNA Detectives

Code Breakers

Put your problem-solving skills to the test and see if you can crack the code! You’ll learn about different types of codes and ciphers as well as creating your own code to send your own secret messages. Will you be able to get a coded message to TechFest’s team of secret agents before it’s too late?!

Recommended Audience: P5-P7

Download TechFest’s Code Breakers

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