Sleep Talking

  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Location/Format: Pentland Hotel, Thurso
  • Presenter: Mark Thompson
  • Suitable for All Ages

In September 2021 Mark Thompson from BBC Stargazing Live lectured for 140 hours and 42 seconds taking his mind and body to their limits. Suffering memory loss and hallucinations as a result of severe sleep deprivation, Mark went to places that few humans have been.

Research has shown that at least 60% of the population are sleep deprived, are not getting the required hours of sleep per night which increases their chances of developing cancer, dementia, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and much more. That every living creature on Earth sleeps yet we humans are the only ones to actively try and not sleep suggests our relationship with sleep needs repairing. That is the goal of Mark Thompson’s ‘Sleep Talking’ lecture.

The one-hour lecture will be an inspiring session that explores Mark’s experiences with live footage from the 140hr lecture, will investigate the science of sleep and what it means if you don’t get enough sleep. It will explore some of the more common sleep conditions and finish by discussing things people can do to improve not only the quality of their sleep but also the quantity.

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