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  • Suitable for All Ages

My World of Work Live is a set of fun, interactive activities that help young people understand future careers. Aimed at 8 – 18-year-olds these activities are designed and delivered by experts with a passion for education and learning.

They use the latest technology to engage and inspire, bringing school subjects to life.

Activities are:

  • Designed to support the delivery of experience and outcomes in the Curriculum for Excellence.
  • Aligned to the Career Management Skills framework and support the realisation of self, strengths, horizons and networks.

Recommended Audience: Family

Inspiring Activities

Cornflour Goo

In this hands-on messy experiment, you will learn about non-Newtonian fluids, understand how and where they are used in everyday life and learn more about the job roles connected to them.

Cornflour Goo Lesson Plan Download | Cornflour Goo Worksheet Download


In this activity you will learn about light, how it travels through different mediums and the science of light refraction. You will also learn how this science is being used in the world of work.

Invisibility Lesson Plan Download | Invisibility Worksheet Download

Spinning Water

In this fun activity you will learn about Newton’s Laws of Motion and learn about job roles that use this type of physics.

Spinning Water Lesson Plan Download | Spinning Water Worksheet Download

We’ve only highlighted a few here, you can check out more great activities from My World of Work Live.

You can find out about a fantastic range of careers on the My World of Work You Tube Channel – YouTube Meet the Expert Playlist

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