The Moon – A Guided Tour

  • Duration: 30 mins per night
  • Location/Format: Online
  • Presenter: Caithness Astronomy Group
  • Suitable for All ages

Getting to Know Our Celestial Neighbour, the Moon – A three-part, guided tour with Caithness Astronomy Group.

Join members of Caithness Astronomy Group on three consecutive evenings for short sessions providing details on our celestial neighbour – the Moon. If the weather permits each evening will also include a short live streamed view of the Moon through a telescope, with a Caithness Astronomy Group member providing commentary on the surface features that are visible.

Part 1 – Looking at the Moon, what can I see?

Led by Gordon Mackie, in Part 1 – Looking at the Moon, what can I see? We will discover some of the features we can expect to see on the surface of the moon.

Part 2 – The Moon in Motion

Led by Gordon Mackie, in Part 2, The Moon in Motion, we’ll learn how the moon was formed, look at the phases of the Moon and discover what causes an eclipse.

Part 3 – Far Side of the Moon

Led by Professor Keith Nicholson, in Part 3, The Far side of the Moon, we’ll explore the part of the moon we can’t see from Earth and learn about the geology of the Moon.

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