Perseverance and Heavenly Questions: Rewarding the Daring for Mars Exploration

  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Location/Format: Online
  • Presenter: Dr Martin Braddock
  • Suitable for All Ages

The successful landings of NASA’s Perseverance and CAS’ Zhurong rovers in 2021 heralded a new era of Martian exploration complementing and building upon previous attempts and successful landing.

This presentation will describe the missions, the landing sites and show some of the latest images as both craft continue to send data back to Earth via the Mars Relay network.

Longer term, it is humankind’s intent to send astronauts to Mars with a view to potential colonisation and we will discuss both challenges and opportunities and progress to date on habitat design and what we have learnt from studies of human isolation on Earth which may inform on quality-of-life standards for Homo martis.
Dr Martin Braddock is a professional scientist and project manager working at a major BioPharmaceutical company in Cambridge in the field of drug discovery and development.

He has a serious interest in astronomy and is passionate about all aspects of Astronomy, Cosmology and Astrobiology, holds University qualifications in Cosmology, Astronomy and Planetary Sciences and Astrobiology from the University of Central Lancashire and Open University.

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