Destination Space; Spin-Off or Spin-Not?

  • Location/Format: Google Meet
  • Presenter: Destination Space; Spin-Off or Spin-Not?
  • Suitable for All Ages

The Science Skills Academy is offering a “live lesson” from Destination Space, via Google Meet for P6/7 pupils (composite classes including younger pupils welcome). Every Destination Space “live lesson” will include a short presentation about Scotland’s space industry and memorable innovation. The game is called “Space Spin-Off or Spin-Not?”. We present a range of product innovations like Teflon and Velcro, then ask pupils to vote on which items they think were designed specifically for use in space and which were not.

No equipment is required. We ask that the class teacher attends alongside pupils and helps greet the pupils, encourage engagement and good chat etiquette.

To book: Contact Aileen Simmonite, or 07824 523984

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